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allpay’s Prepaid Cards to Help Disburse Emergency Funds for Those Affected by COVID-19  

allpay, a leading UK payment specialist, has announced a prepaid card programme has been made available to help disburse emergency funds to those affected by COVID-19. 

Emergency Government funds have been made available to help those in most need, and allpay’s prepaid cards can now enable those funds to be disbursed quickly and securely.  

Mary Cotton, senior product manager, allpay explains:We have worked to establish a prepaid card programme that is designed specifically around supporting councils to get funds to those experiencing hardship as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak as quickly as possible.  With a set of pre-defined limits and configuration and the ability to fast-track a programme approval, we can make a new programme live and operational within two weeks of receiving instruction.

“The prepaid card programme will access a rapid application and approval process.  The emergency payment card itself, is an instant issue Mastercard®.  Appropriate pre-set limits can be put the on the card load value, while standard merchant category code blocks ensure spend is managed at appropriate outlets.  Cards can be reloaded as required within the set limits.  The solution offers a secure, accessible payment method for those in need of urgent funds for point of sale transactions, online purchases, contactless and chip and PIN payments and ATM withdrawal.” 

Cards can be ordered within two weeks of confirmation of a programme set up and a streamlined implementation process will provide access to bulk orders of emergency payment cards within ten working days.

allpay currently works with around 50 councils across Britain enabling them to distribute the benefits of the prepaid cards for a variety of projects and the team is experienced in deploying such projects on both a small and large scale quickly.  In the past, councils have used the cards to provide accessible funds for emergency accommodation for example, or to provide the facility to purchase specific products or provide payments for social care services.

To find out more about setting up a new Prepaid Card programme specifically for the purpose of disbursing Coronavirus emergency funds, please see:


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