alldayPA: Advice for SME's Post Pandemic
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alldayPA: Advice for SME’s Post Pandemic

Throughout the pandemic, businesses across the UK have faced challenges apart from adjusting to the ‘new norm’ and easing back into normality. SMEs, Entrepreneurs, and successful business owners have also had to implement a new process that encourages growth and looks after their staff’s well-being, while managing an online and offline business during a pandemic.

Founder of the UK based call answering service, alldayPA, Reuben Singh has achieved several things, including being named a pioneer of the nation by HM The Queen and having his portrait hung in the National Portrait Gallery. Along with receiving special awards, he has served on many Government councils and bodies and received an honorary doctorate in philosophy.  With his business mindset and knowledge, he has elevated his business and transformed alldayPA from a small business to a much bigger company. With his success story, he aims to inspire SMEs to go out of their comfort zone and compete with their larger competitors.

While many businesses across the UK have been affected by the pandemic, alldayPA has had to navigate other learning curves and become more agile. Reuben Singh’s main priority was to be there for customers when they needed his service. He achieved this by managing costs whilst improving alldayPA’s client experience and customer services. He believes that the government should push the minimum wage and reward the staff more, but employees need to be ready to obtain more skills and wear multiple hats in the business in return.

Singh concentrates on promoting British Entrepreneurship: “I want to help entrepreneurs wherever and whenever I can.” Here he discusses the minimum wage and shares his tips on how to run a successful business.

The successful businessman wants to help SMEs who have suffered at the hands of covid-19. In this article, the founder of alldayPA shares that leaders need to learn from their mistakes and make proactive decisions that will help find a solution. Along with having the right attitude, he advises that small business owners should prioritise hiring the right people and then encourage them to grow alongside the business within an opportunity-driven environment. He also shares how he keeps his staff motivated by showing them the bigger picture and by sharing his vision with his team. Along with being honest with your business goals, he advises that business leaders should be aware of their work colleagues’ well-being and ensure they have ‘general life’ conversations and check-ins with their teams in groups and on an individual basis.

Founder of alldayPA, Reuben Singh  commented on why he wants to help SMEs : “alldayPA aims to help any SME restructuring, advising them to not compromise on what they want to achieve and to enable them to bring  their business vision to life.”

Advice for SMEs from Founder of alldayPA, Reuben Singh :

  • Do things out of your comfort zone – “Your vision of what your business could be is what keeps you awake at night. If you don’t get that funny feeling in your stomach, don’t do it.”
  • Value yourself – “You need to value yourself before you can expect anybody to respect you. To create value, you must have a strong purpose.”
  • Try not to borrow money – “Find somebody who believes and wants to invest in you because investors will share the pain to grow your businesses and will add value.”
  • Don’t have a plan B -“If you have a plan B, that means you don’t believe in plan A enough. If you don’t believe in your plan A enough, don’t do it.”
  • Reward your staff – “Find people who get excited by your vision. More experience can be a hindrance sometimes. Look at somebody’s attitude, not just a degree or experience.”
  • Think big -“The world these days is one single market. If you can sell something to somebody in your postcode area, you can sell it to somebody who is miles away.”


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