Albert has had an eventful November with over 1,000 five-star ratings, a feature by Apple and a new Expenses addition to the app.

Albert is the the first UK finance app for freelancers, to pass a whopping 1,000 five-star ratings in the Apple App Store – currently making it the UK’s Highest Rated Business Finance App. “A free app with no catches and actually a brilliant product – does that even happen anymore?” says a user on one of their many app store reviews. Albert clearly has a huge army of loyal users, who eagerly and regularly contribute their feedback and requests via Albert’s customer support channel. This feeds into a voting system that ultimately informs the way the app is built and developed.

It’s safe to say, this user-centred approach and its appreciation by Albert’s users hasn’t gone unnoticed by Apple, who featured Albert on the app store homepage this month in the ‘Life Hack: Work Anywhere’ category, beside several other superbly successful apps you may have heard of, such as Slack and Mailchimp.

With the launch of Albert’s most recent, innovative Expenses update, it has expanded some of its unique user experience. The app now allows people to file their expenses and invoices alongside one another, from the same handy access point; which are then stored side by side in the same, single To-Do List. This ‘All-In-One’ mindset, also seems to have informed other aspects of the workflow, making it a much smoother experience to record one’s expenses. Dan Bruce, Albert’s co-founder says, “Rather than having to switch between screens, we’ve created a newer, smarter design whereby you can zoom in on your receipt image to better view its details whilst logging it; and then also remain in view mode, whilst you select an expense category.” It’s taking the time to think about these kinds of extra details, which may go unnoticed on an everyday basis, but make all the difference to users in the long run.

Ivo Weevers, Albert’s other co-founder concludes: “It’s crazy that most self-employed people still don’t feel comfortable with their daily finances. These are basic aspects of our lives that are supposed to be easy and manageable. The whole Albert team is working extremely hard to solve this for freelancers across the world; and we’re very proud of the fact that our users, and others, seem to recognise that too.”

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