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aircrex Partners With Finch to Target Australian Millennials With Its Autonomous Finance Platform

Sydney-based fintech aircrex, has announced its partnership with financial technology and data intelligence company Finch, to power it’s autonomous finance platform targeting Australian millennials and Gen Z set to launch in 2021.

Building what aircrex calls ‘Bank 3.0: a bank without being a bank’, the start-up has turned to Australia’s most advanced financial and data solutions, integrating with the recently released Basiq x FinchXP API, combining Basiq’s data aggregation with Finch’s premium data enrichment. Finch adds deep insight and intelligence to Basiq transaction data in real-time, enabling accurate detection of user activities, bill payments, and merchant identification to deliver data-driven personalisation.

“Autonomous finance reimagines everything we know about financial services,” said aicrex CEO, Caroline Tran. “Smart technology, data and artificial intelligence will deliver seamless integration between people and their finances and lifestyle – without the need to operate as a bank.

“We’re excited to be partnering with Finch to use their intelligent data to better understand our users. We can apply these insights to monitor, adjust and optimise our user’s financial situation, no matter how unique they are.”

aircrex’s AI-driven “PFO” Personal Finance Optimiser (a reimagined Personal Finance Manager) aims to automate finances for customers with features such as Omnipay that pays your bills and effortlessly manages upcoming payments.

“Younger Australians are brought up as digital natives who approach financial management differently. aircrex recognises this, so we’ve designed our product to help them make better financial decisions in a way that is engaging, personalised and efficient to suit their needs,” Tran added.

Upon the launch of aircrex, the mobile application will feature a financial tracking and insights tool, multiple-bank account management, payment capabilities, AI-driven personal assistant and an exclusive community.

“At the heart of fintech innovation is the opening up of data,” said Basiq CEO, Damir Cuca. “Data has always been locked up because it gives companies an edge, especially in financial services. By freeing up that data, we’re able to give innovators like Aircrex the building blocks they need to bring more Aussies into financial wellness. We’re super excited for aircrex to launch and reimagine how we engage with our finances.”

aircrex has gained a lot of media attention and traction in Australia and internationally – particularly in the Asian Markets. Since the announcement of their upcoming launch, they have gained a following of over 2000 subscribers. They were also the only company selected to represent Australia for the Tokyo Financial Awards – which is sponsored by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and Accenture Singapore.


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