Attention-Grabbing Changes by (AI) in eCommerce

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the process of making the computer program(s) or machine thinkable and learnable. In a simplest word AI is the study of techniques to make computer “Smart”. Here, Smart Computer means, smart, they work independently without waiting for encoded command.

In 1955, American scientists, John McCarthy introduce the word “artificial intelligence” when he wrote an article. AI includes:

  • Learning (the acquisition of information and rules for using information)
  • Reasoning (using rules to reach approximate or definitive conclusions) and
  • Self-Correction

Particular applications of AI include expert systems, voice recognition and artificial vision.

AI in eCommerce

It’s more often when you open your favorite eCommerce website, and wow, your favorite brand’s chocolate or Coffee flashes on the screen’s hot place or front of you. 

Nothing is uncommon here, but did you think how they know about your choice? It is, because you search such items or brand recently or frequently on the internet.

Sounds really great doesn’t it?

And this is the power of artificial intelligence in eCommerce. That eCommerce portal is designed by AI, this mechanism able to track visitors:

  • Search behaviors (all about what you search online)
  • Most Search products history
  • Types of products you look online 

What more need to show relevant products to customer? Even, according to a recent study, by 2020, almost 85% of the customer will interact without human intervention.

With AI, e-commerce experts can introduce natural language processing techniques that will reduce and conceptualize for meaningful results.

Have you used Image search facility of commerce website to search your lovely brand product recently? If yes! You are already using AI, as the Image capturing technique is the Artificial Inelegancy. 


Customers can search using images. The system intelligently understands this search. The system intelligently understands this research and shows all probable results based on these visual elements.

Tracking potential customers

Conversica states that nearly 33% of potential prospects are not followed and almost lost.

This concern is supported by AI. Artificial intelligence empathizes and thinks like the customer. Thanks to facial recognition techniques, if the system requires you to spend more time in a store looking for a product or analyzing a product, AI makes sure to provide you with all the details of it on your purchase screen at your next login! Will this gesture please any customer?


So what is a chatbot? A chatbot is probably the best part of artificial intelligence and a boon for retailers. 

This could support many aspects of your e-commerce space, including customer interactions. A chatbot basically helps you start a personalized conversation with your customer. 

From order confirmation to customer support for products, chatbot can do everything for you.

Typically, customers are connected to social media platforms when they start looking for products online. 

In such cases, a chatbot uses this information and begins a discussion. Again, the integration of chatbots into the shopping carts also allows to converse with customers about the details of their shipments. 

Although there are many options such as push notifications, messages, calls and emails, chatbots have proven to be the most instant and effective way to interact with customers.

Let your online space think intellectually with artificial intelligence!


  • Editorial Director of the The Fintech Times

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