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We believe Fintech is the future of money. Here at The Fintech Times we are working hard to deliver the first hand insights from the world of technology to business executives around the world. They need to know.

Our passion for all things Fintech comes from our the love of change, disruption and highlighting some of the best people, ideas and businesses across the globe.  

We write about the future of money for decision makers, for those building the future of business.

We cover the reason behind the tech, not just the tech itself. We tell how tech is going to change the way you’re making money, the way you work, and the way you live. And most importantly – why it is happening.

Fintech is essentially a trend disrupting and innovating across multiple business sectors. Fintech touches everything from high street banks, investment firms, money transfer firms,etc… Fintech is re-engineering these sectors into something better, faster and smarter than before. Moreover, there are new types of businesses emerging within fintech: ICOs, peer2peer platforms, cryptocurrencies, the Internet of Things, and so much more.   

There’s many ways to look at fintech. It’s about new companies and new technologies for old companies. It’s about inventors and visionaries creating something new.

And it’s definitely about change. Big fast change.

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