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AAZZUR-Railsbank Partnership Expansion Introduces ‘Front-End-As-A-Service’ Offering for DACH Clients

The Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) integrator AAZZUR is to expand its ongoing partnership with the embedded finance experience platform Railsbank to the benefit of its German, Austrian and Swiss (DACH) clients.

The expansion will see Berlin-based AAZZUR increase its number of compliance-ready core banking products while becoming the front-end BaaS provider for the majority of Railsbank’s DACH clients.

The move expands on the 2020 sales partnership between the two companies.

Railsbank will provide regulatory and technical guidance via its payment infrastructure for accounts and cards management.

In turn, AAZZUR will offer front-end layers, integration and value-added financial products to DACH clients of both companies who want to enter the BaaS and embedded finance space or even build their own challenger bank.

AAZZUR’s offering enables companies to create mobile banking apps from the ground up or to enhance elements of their existing offering.

Its embeddable Smart Finance Blocks means clients can incorporate things like budgeting tools, insurance and carbon offset programmes into the design of their digital banking apps.

Following the expansion of the partnership, AAZZUR’s offering will increase and its DACH clients will be able to access the services of Railsbank for less, and in much less time.

London based Railsbank has made significant growth in the last year and this partnership will also see AAZZUR support it with earlier-stage clients looking to focus solely on front-end integration.

Railsbank COO Louisa Murray
Louisa Murray

“It’s great that we are forging even closer ties to AAZZUR, a company that we have worked with for many years now,” comments Railsbank COO Louisa Murray.

“They intuitively understand what we are achieving within the embedded finance experience category, and how this is a major step-change in how companies and brands can develop closer relationships with their customers.”


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