A 24/7 Live Stream TV App Solely Dedicated to the Fintech Industry Is Launched By CoinNewsExtra
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A 24/7 Live Stream TV App Solely Dedicated to the Fintech Industry Is Launched By CoinNewsExtra

CoinNewsExtra a blockchain, cryptocurrency, fintech and emerging techs media platform headquartered in Lagos State Nigeria, the Western part of Africa, has become the first Media Platform in the emerging technology space to launch a 24/7 live stream TV App solely dedicated to the fintech industry.

The TV App was created to solve the problem many people in Africa and the world at large encounter when sourcing for market signal and trends in the space. Innovation is changing in our world so is the evolution of money, with blockchain bringing innovation in the financial sector, with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. CNETV will bring a between the evolution of money and innovation with its rich and informative contents on daily basis.

CoinNewsExtra would continue to grow its global partnership base already consisting of global blockchain, crypto, fintech and emerging techs companies like Sigma Group (Malta), HODL Community (Canada), Project Hydro (India), Fintech Association of Nigeria, to bringing viewers rich contents.

The need to deepen the partnership between innovators and regulators across Africa through timely educative, interactive and advocative tools and interventions to fast-track the adoption of emerging technology especially crypto and blockchain tools for the common good make the launch of the App very apt.

“We are launching this Innovative TV platform Solely dedicated to the cryptocurrency, blockchain and other emerging tech industry, to educate the people and bring amazing innovations in the blockchain, crypto and fintech coming out of Africa to the global stage, thus, projecting Nigeria and Africa to the World,” said Lee Ucheoma Ohaeri, the CEO of CoinNewsExtra.

“Our reputation and recognition over the years as a trusted partner on emerging technologies especially crypto and blockchain would be used to enrich, accelerate and propagate innovation in the continent.”

The CNETV App will be unveiled on 16th April 2021, by the blockchain, and fintech stakeholders. The app will be available for download on Google Play and Apple stores respectively. CNETV App will start live streaming on a test transmission capacity on 23rd April 2021 by 12:00 pm WAT.


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