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Ohpen: Unlocking Sustainable Finance – Why Digital-First Ecosystems Are Key To Enabling Green Growth

The Fintech Times
Jan-Lamber Voortman of @Ohpen, discusses how financial institutions can better fund cleaner, more sustainable initiatives, and suggests the forms of technology available to them that...

Littlepay Launches the Contactless ‘Tap to Ride’ System on Sacramento Trains

Francis Bignell
Working with @CA_Trans_Agency and @CaltransHQ, @LittlepayHQ have implemented their #contactless #travel system on trains in Sacramento, following success earlier this year when the system was...

Covid Has Accelerated the Speed of Change Within Australia’s Regtech Ecosystem; Report Finds

Tyler Smith
A new #report from @Entirl has highlighted how the implications of Covid-19 have actually accelerated the rate of change within Australia's promising #regtech ecosystem....