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Chatbots can pose a serious security threat, warns security expert BOHH Labs

Chatbots are quickly becoming the interface of choice for many organisations. In fact, a recent survey conducted by Oracle revealed that 80 percent of businesses want chatbots by 2020. While the advances in Artificial Intelligence(AI) and mobile technology have created a new set of tools for brands to communicate with, the technology itself has yet to reach a mature state and is consequently strongly vulnerable to cyber attacks. This is according to Simon Bain, the cybersecurity expert and CEO of BOHH Labs. Current bot solutions are not entirely secure and...

The Future of Finance Middle East

Dominic Brough
Identifying Demands and Profiling Intelligence in Retail Finance Over the past years, innovation and transformational trends have swiftly penetrated the industry. Today, the outlook for...

MoneyLIVE: Digital Banking London

Dominic Brough
MoneyLIVE: Digital Banking is where disruptors, challengers and tech-visionaries meet to re-write the rules of banking innovation. Join the conversation alongside 350+ digital banking pioneers...

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