5 Things You Need To Know About PPC

Before implementing a PPC campaign, it is important to put together a plan that will work alongside an existing SEO campaign. Whether you enlist the help of Essex pay per click management service, or you implement this on your own, it is important to put together a plan as to how these will all work together. In this article, we will be looking into 5 key points you should know about PPC before implementing a campaign. 

PPC Is Flexible 

One of the main benefits of PPC is the flexibility that you gain from using the service. Within Google AdWords, you can set up specific campaigns to have the results that you want. This is particularly beneficial for a smaller business as this can get you in the sponsored section of Google SERPS. This is a great way to boost visibility for a smaller business whilst building their SEO as the two do not conflict with each other.  

PPC Does Not Affect Organic Search 

Whilst you are optimising the website, you can use PPC to build up the brand awareness and help to better the website. By using specific targeted keywords within a PPC campaign, you can then begin to expand the outreach that the brand has as well as begin tailoring your campaign to specific target audiences. This is particularly important for those that are operating in a saturated market as you will gain the conversions you need in the beginning to provide instant results whilst the website is being optimised with SEO. Combining them both together is, therefore, a winning combination to help boost rankings and increase brand awareness and acquisition of new customers. 

Can be Used To Find New Customers 

Looking to acquire customers can be difficult, particularly if you are a brand-new business. However, using PPC can help you to increase click-through rate and improve the number of conversions to your business. By optimising your sales strategy to work alongside your PPC campaign, you can begin to nurture the leads that you gain and gain conversions through this. Though this can take time, this strategy alongside an effective SEO campaign to boost the brand and also boost the number of conversions as a whole. 

You Can Change Goals 

If you find that your PPC campaign is not performing as well as you would like it to, it could be time to change the goals that you have set in order to optimise it. With Google Ads logins, you can make the changes that you need and keep within your budget to get the best possible outcome. This is key for a smaller business as you can then begin to up the budget as the business begins to grow. It is important to be patient when implementing SEO and PPC as results do not happen overnight, it can take time, but the results are more than worth it. 

You Can Target Keywords 

Targeting keywords is one of the most challenging elements when looking into PPC as you need to be sure you are not wasting your money on keywords that are not relevant. By conducting a keyword mapping file and looking at the keywords that your competitors are ranking for, this could help to better your business and increase the number of conversions that you are seeing for your product or service. 

Whether you are looking to conduct a new PPC campaign or you are looking to make changes to an existing campaign, it can take time to implement if you are looking to do this on your own however, the results will be worth it in the long term. 


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