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Mercuryo Aligns Itself With CryptoUK to Advance UK Digital Assets Industry

Organisations within the crypto sector must all play a part in ensuring that the sector is able to grow from a regulatory standpoint. Mercuryo, the global payments infrastructure platform is achieving this as it partners with CryptoUK, the self-regulatory trade association for the UK’s digital assets industry.  

Mercuryo offers innovative payment solutions along with seamless on-chain integration and has made a series of high-profile partnerships with major pillars in the digital token economy. These include Ledger, MetaMask and Trust Wallet. In partnering with CryptoUK, Mercuryo is also aligning itself with a firm that advocates for the crypto industry in the public and private sectors and the media, and campaigns for fair and proportionate policy and regulation.

Petr Kozyakov, CEO at Mercuryo
Petr Kozyakov, CEO at Mercuryo

“We are delighted to be joining CryptoUK and we look forward to making our contribution to help the UK achieve the right regulatory balance for the emerging digital token economy,” said Petr Kozyakov, CEO at Mercuryo. “We look forward to working closely with the CryptoUK community, as well as sharing our insights and navigating the evolving regulatory landscape.”

Maintaining high regulatory standards

Mercuryo has a track record of adhering to the highest regulatory standards and will bring its expertise to the CryptoUK community. Furthermore, it will collaborate to build trusted bridges between members, industry participants, UK regulators, key stakeholders and policymakers.

Su Carpenter, executive director at CryptoUK
Su Carpenter, executive director at CryptoUK

“We are delighted that an organisation with the credentials and reach of Mercuryo has joined our growing community of CryptoUK members,” said Su Carpenter, executive director at CryptoUK. “CryptoUK works alongside organisations who are innovating and driving for change in the crypto and digital assets industry. Therefore, we are looking forward to working alongside the team at Mercuryo to build upon our advocacy and engagement work in the UK.

“Together with our members we can ensure the voice of the industry is well represented in dialogue with government and regulators. Consequently, we are certain Mercuryo will be a valuable addition to the broad and diverse membership community.”

Mercuryo’s solutions are simplifying the experience for newcomers to the digital token economy. Additionally, the firm specialises in efficient capital flow in the decentralised finance (DeFi), GameFi and SocialFi ecosystems, combining seamless payment solutions into a single interface.


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