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The Psychology of Teenage Hackers

As with ‘non-cyber’ crime, the perps range from Nation-States to organised crime networks to teenage kids. Perhaps by understanding the mindsets we can begin to understand the problem. A bit. Best to begin with the psychology of teenage hackers. One of the ‘problems’ is that people do online what they …

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Cyber Threat

CYBER HYGIENE Sector Specific Cyber Threats

Not intended as a complete ‘how to’ guide, but more of a guide to a normative approach to cyber threats. Threat: Malicious attack / Blackmail / Ransom Sectors: Public sector, third sector, corporations, controversial sectors, charities, animal related including farming, meat production, sex / gender related. Sony found themselves on the wrong …

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Startup Nation

Israel: From Startup Nation to Cyber-Security Nation.

If you’ve been to Tel Aviv recently, you’ve most likely heard local entrepreneurs refer to Israel as “Startup Nation.” This name was coined by two American journalists who, in their 2010 book, explained how Israel turned so hi-tech-heavy (hint: skilled immigrants & mandatory military service). But what you may have …

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Cyber Something: What’s Happening?

The first thing Brian draws to our attention is that technically Cybercrime doesn’t really mean anything. As a word, it’s fresh from the late 1970’s, cybermen, cyberspace, cybersexcitement. By definition it is ‘something to do with computers, information technology, and virtual reality.’ That narrows it down to everything in 2016. …

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