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Reimagining Insurance

Innovative Fintech companies are disrupting the value chain, and creating whole new ways of buying, assessing, recommending and using insurance. Felix Anthonj, CEO of insurance communications platform experto, says: “The new entrants have noticed that the insurance industry has slept for the past decade and basically no innovation has happened. …

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FinovateSpring Sneak Peek: Empyr

Empyr uses card-linked technology to bridge online-to-offline (O2O) commerce, driving online audiences to offline merchants and generating new revenue for websites and apps. Its main features made it one of the most promising O2O platform currently on the market, and they include a real time tracking of offline transactions, the …

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ENTIQ launches Fin4Fem to support female tech founders

The UK tech ecosystem is more diverse than other parts of the world but female founders are still significantly less backed by venture capitalists than their male counterpart. ENTIQ came up with a solution, launched on Tuesday 8th March, that will provide female tech founders with practical help: Fin4Fem.  Evidence on the benefits …

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Contis Group starts the New Year by announcing full PCI-DSS certification across all operations in UK, USA and India

After a significant period of investment and development of security assets, Contis prioritised in-depth training for its colleagues across three continents.   All business functions and levels are fully skilled and experienced above and beyond the desired disciplines and practices required to hit the challenging requirements to gain full PCI …

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A Time to Co-Operate, and, A Time to Compete

Time for… This is a strategic question that frequently arises in business. Any potential competitor is also a potential strategic partner. Competition should be a clear choice, a decision, rather than an assumed position from the offset. Whilst some money transfer challengers are rightfully seeing themselves as competition to the …

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Royal Engagement (with startups)

Royal Engagement (with startups): The speech of HRH Duke of York at [email protected] [email protected] is designed to raise the profile of Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurs in the United Kingdom. We travel around the UK to try and pick and see where the new innovations, new ideas and new Entrepreneurs are coming …

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Level39: 217 really interesting stories to tell #2

One of the joys of Level39 is the calm. It’s a dojo of fintech. Another delight is the extraordinary spectrum of companies here. It’s almost as if they’ve been curated on the basis of some elegant juxtaposition. Let us harmonise. In one afternoon, I meet three, the first, The Thalesians, …

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