Monday , June 25 2018
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Keep up to date with what happens in the world of fintech today. Partners with Exchanges and AI Trading Platform to Remove Existing Barriers to Cryptocurrency Investment

While developing its revolutionary blockchain-based KYC platform, has also been busy forming partnerships with other blockchain industry pioneers like the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX) and Kyber Network. Its newest partnerships with Krytono Exchange and shows that they continue to make significant progress towards realising their vision of being a global leader in developing simpler, faster and more …

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The Blockchain Boom: Playtime Over?

By Nathan Gore. Blockchain in 2018; the fun and games are done, bring on funding and growth. With the Wild West that was 2017 quickly disappearing over the horizon, 2018 has already proven to be the beginning of Blockchain’s true realisation; legitimate use-cases, proper corporate structure, actual governance. Bye bye …

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Banking in 2028: Mobile, Open Source, Invisible and Decentralised

By Kate Goldfinch. Banking has changed significantly over the past ten years. Consumers now expect an ultra-personalised user experience wherever they are. Now it’s up to the banks to get on board. The Fintech Times moderated an exciting panel discussing “Banking in 2028 – the state of the industry“ at …

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2Checkout’s 2018 Digital Commerce Benchmark Reflects Continuous Upward Trend for Subscription-Based Sales and Regional Variations in Payments Preferences

2Checkout (formerly Avangate), an eCommerce, payments and subscription billing solutions provider, released its Q1 2018 benchmark report on Digital Commerce Trends in Software & Online Services Sales. The report shows that subscription-based purchases maintain a strong upward trend. Similar to previous years, consumers and businesses continue to prioritise security product …

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Cryptoassets Taskforce Meets for the First Time

The first meeting of the UK’s new Cryptoassets Taskforce took place on Monday, 21st May 2018. The Taskforce agreed its objectives, which include exploring the impact of cryptoassets, the potential benefits and challenges of the application of distributed ledger technology in financial services, and assessing what, if any, regulation is …

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New Positive Technologies Report: How Hackers Rob Banks

Positive Technologies released a new report, Bank Attacks 2018, detailing that banks have built up formidable barriers to prevent external attacks, yet fall short in defending against internal attackers. Whether by puncturing the perimeter with social engineering, vulnerabilities in web applications, or the help of insiders, as soon as attackers access …

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78% of Bankers Believe that Platformisation of Banking Will Steer the Market According to an In-depth Survey Released by Temenos

Retail bank executives are reviewing their digital strategies, with 61% developing niche propositions and others, to varying degrees, opening up and giving access to new third parties.  Banks are now more concerned with technology-driven trends than they are by regulation according to an in-depth study released by Temenos, a banking …

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Tradeshift announces Tradeshift Pay, Industry’s First End-to-End Cloud Platform for Supply Chain Payments and Finance, Including Blockchain-Based Financing

Tradeshift, a large business commerce platform in supply chain payments and marketplaces, launched an industry first: becoming the only cloud platform to bring supply chain payments, supply chain finance, and blockchain-based early payments together into one unified end-to-end solution, Tradeshift Pay. With these innovations, Tradeshift takes aim at a $9 trillion problem–namely, …

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Fintech Industry Calls for Clarity on Immigration Policy, as New Data Reveals Potential for 30,000 New Jobs

Innovate Finance, the independent membership association that represents the UK’s global fintech community, alongside WPI Economics, released a report on the potential effects of future changes to the country’s immigration policy on the UK fintech sector. The report provides new insight on the scope of the UK fintech sector, which …

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