Monday , August 21 2017
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“We think cash, cards and mobile payments will coexist for many years…”

A big theme of Money 20/20 Europe in Copenhagen this year was an engagement between startups and established players. The Fintech Times spoke to Mastercard’s Amy Neale about startups collaborations and about the future of payments What are your thoughts on how Money 20/20 Europe was this year? Amy Neale:I …

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Cryptocurrency For Peace – Anacoin

The Ananas Foundation is a UK-registered charity aiming to combat rising hate using cutting-edge technology and behavioural science to map ideologies and create the tools for individuals to navigate their own ideologies and those of others.  This is a difficult task, made possible by the advent of blockchain technology and …

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FinTech Investment Opportunities Abound: What Are The Hottest Trends?

The FinTech industry didn’t exactly “explode” onto the scene, changing the way we live and do business overnight. While contemplating the multitude of industry startups that dot the scene these days and the skyrocketing investment such startups attract, one should never forget that FinTech essentially started way back in 1998, …

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Global VC FinTech investment attracts $6.5 Billion in H1 2017 – with UK investment up 37%

Global VC investment for FinTech in H1 2017 attracted $6.5 billion of VC investment with 787 deals, a 45% decrease year on year, according to statistics compiled through Pitchbook by Innovate Finance, the not-for-profit membership association for global FinTech.   H1 2017 saw 787 deals globally, attracting $6.5 billion of VC investment, …

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New Legal Analytics Software Identifies Successful Insurance Claims – Before They Go To Court

Every day, tens of thousands of insurance claims are publicly filed in America’s courts, and each one quickly becomes part of Miami-based software firm Premonition AI’s database. Currently the largest such database in the world, it draws from over 3,000 courts across the country. Premonition’s machine-learning tool is capable of forecasting …

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