Tuesday , December 12 2017
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The future of Healthcare – is on Blockchain?

We spoke to PRADEEP GOEL – CEO of Solve.Care – about the challenges facing the global healthcare industry, and how the company plans to use blockchain to save both governments and private organisations billions and make the world a healthier, happier place.. Pradeep has held senior positions in several companies …

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Dmitry Leus Talks About Effective Methods of Change in Business

One of the distinctive features of the development and successful functioning of business in the new economic reality is its optimal sufficiency, Dmitry Leus, an entrepreneur and banking and financial services professional believes Optimization is in the trend! Such a conclusion could be made if we analyze the actions of many …

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Philipp Pieper: “I would not call it ICO, rather a token offering…”

PHILIPP PIEPER, CO-FOUNDER SWARM FUND, EXPLAINS WHAT IS ICO, AND REASONS OF THE ICO RUSH GLOBALLY, AND THE RISKS IT BRINGS TO INVESTORS Anything similar to an IPO First of all, I would not call it ICO, but rather a token offering. In my view the acronym is misleading to …

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