Wednesday , February 21 2018
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FINMA publishes ICO guidelines

The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) published a set of guidelines on how it intends to apply financial market legislation in handling enquiries from ICO organisers. The guidelines also define the information FINMA requires to deal with such enquiries and the principles upon which it will base its responses, creating clarity …

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Market Invoice: “UK businesses facing global freeze”

Findings from business finance company MarketInvoice reveal that 73% of invoices sent by UK businesses to EU firms were paid late, up from 40.4% in 2016. Across the Atlantic, the number of invoices paid late by business in the USA increased from 45.7% in 2016 to 71% in 2017. Tellingly, the number of …

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Behind the Scenes of an ICO: Why do some succeed and others falter?

ICOs are being used by startups to raise billions to get their projects off the ground. Some are successful, while some falter. Lars Lien, CEO of Luckbox expresses his opinion on factors that influence ICOs’ success: Engage your community from day one. The clue is in the title – “crowdsale”. We were …

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Hashgraph: Taking Blockchain to the Next Generation

As published by Unblocked Events, Chain Reaction caught up with the Co-Founder of hashgraph and Swirlds, Mance Harmon, at the Blockchain World Conference in Bangkok to ask him what hashgraph is all about and how it may potentially fix some of the problems of existing blockchain technologies. There has been quite a bit …

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Robert Braun: Cryptocurrencies – Do they have Staying Power?

Cryptocurrencies – not just bitcoin, but any of the hundreds of different currencies that have been created using blockchain technology – have caught the imagination of the public. There are, seemingly, daily articles that predict either the demise of all traditional currencies in favor of cryptocurrencies, and just as many …

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Who’s KodakOne? ICO Plans commented by Copytrack

Kodak have just started their new project “KodakOne” and already the Kodak shares have skyrocketed. In 2012 it was a different story as they were on the verge of bankruptcy, but what’s all the hype around the new project “KodakOne”? The growth of digitalization has hit the image industry hard. …

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Youbit exchange closes because of cyber attacks

Last week, Korean cryptocurrency exchange Youbit has announced that it is filing for bankruptcy after losing 17 percent of its assets in a cyber attack – the second it has suffered this year. Leigh-Anne Galloway, Cyber Resilience Lead at, has made the following comments: “2018 has been a remarkable year …

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“In banking and fintech, the most important commodity is trust”

Chairman of Pilatus Bank gives a speech concerning customer trust in the banking and fintech industries at Wealth 2.0 conference. In banking and fintech, the most important commodity is “trust”. Ali Sadr, Chairman of Pilatus Bank, believes that it is important to recognize where the banking industry stands relative to other industries on the trust scale. …

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