Sunday , February 25 2018
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FinTech is Fast-tracking the Positive & Profitable Transformation of Banking & Financial Services in Africa

The impact of Blockchain, Open Banking, Mobile Money and Payment innovations are radically transforming the financial services landscape as FinTech disruptors intensify the challenge to incumbent banks and kickstart new opportunities in Kenya Nairobi, Kenya: Africa’s financial sector is in the midst of an exciting and profound transformation. The rapid …

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Chatbots can pose a serious security threat, warns security expert BOHH Labs

Chatbots are quickly becoming the interface of choice for many organisations. In fact, a recent survey conducted by Oracle revealed that 80 percent of businesses want chatbots by 2020. While the advances in Artificial Intelligence(AI) and mobile technology have created a new set of tools for brands to communicate with, the technology itself has yet to reach a mature state and is consequently strongly vulnerable to cyber attacks. This is according to Simon Bain, the cybersecurity expert and CEO of BOHH Labs. Current bot solutions are not entirely secure and can create open passages for cyber criminals to access the data flowing through chatbot’s interface. In essence, this gives cyber attackers direct access to an organisations’ network, applications and databases. Bain explains: “While …

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Inspirational speakers announced as registration goes live for ISLEXPO 2018

The first inspirational speaker line-up for ISLEXPO 2018 has been announced, focusing on this year’s theme, ‘locate’. Lead speakers will include the Group Head of Brand and Creative at Innocent Smoothies – Dan Germain, expert in societal and cultural trends and the effects they have for businesses and nations – Thimon de Jong, and former social media editor of …

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VIEWLY: When Renaissance and Blockchain come together

We had a conversation with STEFAN FURLAN, Director of Viewly Inc, a decentralised video platform, about new ways of supporting creativity, and how there’s more to video sharing than YouTube has to offer. What was the problem you were trying to solve with Viewly? Platforms like YouTube are essentially ad- …

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Claranet: Digital Transformation Hype is NOT Reflected by Reality

In the hype surrounding digital transformation, the process is often presented as one which can be completed almost overnight. However, new research commissioned by Claranet has found that the reality is considerably different, with organisations facing a wide range of organisational, technical and operational barriers to change. According to the …

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Global RegTech investments surpass $1bn in 2017

Last year was a record year for global investments in regulatory technology (“RegTech”), according to research from FinTech Global. Growth is being driven by increasing regulatory pressures faced by financial institutions and coincides with the implementation of legislations such as PSD2 and MiFID II in January this year. Overall RegTech …

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