Tuesday , December 12 2017
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A fintech Investment bank? Is that even a thing?

We talked to banker and yogi JEFFREY SWEENEY, CEO of US Capital Partners, about leveraging tech across sectors, embracing regulations, and running a bank where almost everyone’s a vegetarian… NAME: Jeffrey Sweeney OCCUPATION: Chairman and CEO of US Capital Partners Inc. BORN: Seattle, WA. EDUCATION: University of California, Santa Barbara, BSc …

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The future of Healthcare – is on Blockchain?

We spoke to PRADEEP GOEL – CEO of Solve.Care – about the challenges facing the global healthcare industry, and how the company plans to use blockchain to save both governments and private organisations billions and make the world a healthier, happier place.. Pradeep has held senior positions in several companies …

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EON as a particular case of transactional business and regulations

EON blockchain is a hybrid system without any bottlenecks. It is safe, resilient, flexible, scalable with speed of client-server solutions. Due to all these features it can be applied in many industries and solve several problems. Three case studies listed further are representative. Case #1: Taxation. Current tax collecting system …

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Fintech startup hiveonline receives a €800,000 investment from Swedish entrepreneur

Fintech startup hiveonline receives a €800,000 investment from Swedish entrepreneur Torbjörn Nilsson and his business partner Håkan Birging. The seed money investment comes at a crucial moment in Hiveonlines progress towards launch in 2018. Danish Hiveonline is developing a financial administration solution for small businesses, their customers and investors. The …

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