Saturday , April 21 2018
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2 Major Fintech Trends that are Set to Disrupt Banking and Financial Services

Disruption is one of the biggest hype and buzzwords in the market right now. Every start-up armed with nothing more than a landing page and a whitepaper considers itself disruptive. Any new business that can manage to include the term “disruption” in its tagline gets free press coverage about its …

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“Open Banking could be the dawn of a new era in the financial services industry…”

The Fintech Times spoke to Christoph Rieche, Co-founder and CEO of Iwoca, on how the UK Open Banking Project would work in practice. Although Open Banking and PSD2 both revolve around opening up bank account data, they were completely independent initiatives with different aims. The CMA specifically designed Open Banking …

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InsuranceNext’UA-2018 Conference To Descend in Kyiv

Ukrainian Federation on Insurance and the digital economy and fintech Future Magazine announce the Second Non-profit International Conference InsuranceNEXT’UA 2018. For the second year in a row, the German (GDV) and Austrian (VVO) Associations of Insurers are partners of the Conference. The Federation of Insurance Intermediaries of Ukraine and Ukrainian …

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The London CryptoCurrency Show 2018: first cryptocurrency event for the private investor

The world of money and finance is experiencing one of the most radical transformations of the last 100 years, with digital assets paving the way for a plethora of alternative payment systems, as well as a burgeoning ecosystem of networks and channels that herald the coming of a cashless, decentralised …

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IFGS Report: Competitive Edge To Come

The annual Innovate Finance Global Summit 2018 kicked off the start of UK Fintech Week in London. Gathering over 300 Fintech companies, 200 speakers, and thousands of innovators, influencers and supporters from the global financial technology industry to explore the ideas and innovations shaping global fintech. There were over 60 …

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Europe’s first peer reviewed journal dedicated to blockchain publishes its first article

The Journal of the British Blockchain Association (JBBA), Europe’s first peer reviewed journal dedicated to blockchain, publishes its first double blind peer reviewed article: Anarchy, Blockchain and Utopia: A theory of political-socioeconomic systems organised using Blockchain, by Brendan Markey-Towler. The article investigates the dynamics of a utopian society in which …

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Pradeep Goel – 26 years of reshaping the Healthcare industry

Solve.Care is a new, healthcare-focused company that aims to tackle many of the inefficiencies of the healthcare system using Blockchain technology. Its founder, Pradeep Goel, is a veteran of this industry, with 4 successful companies and 26 years of experience under his belt. He has also been named in the …

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London’s Blockchain Conference; Blockchain Expo Global Exhibition announces expert speakers

[LONDON] Blockchain Expo, has today announced key expert speakers at the Global conference, Olympia London, 18-19 April 2018. An opportunity to hear from thought provoking content within blockchain for enterprises, ICO and cryptofinance, transforming financial services, developing blockchain applications and blockchain technologies. Blockchain Expo has been embraced by the blockchain …

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